AFE Power

“More Horsepower”

Increasing the engines overall performance is the number one priority on every guys list.

The stock intake system is one of the most restricting parts on your vehicle by limiting the amount of air the engine receives. Replacing your stock cold air intake with aFe Power will add horsepower and torque you can hear and feel. The more air your engine gets, the more power it will produce. No matter your personal application, or your desired effect for sound and power, aFe will suit your needs.

Aquire all-new performance gains in horsepower and torque with a new aFe cold air intake system today, and leave your old performance in the dust.

aFe POWER 50-40010R Momentum | ST Pro 5R Cold Air Intake System

Momentum ST Cold Air Intake System w/Pro DRY S Filters

Momentum ST Cold Air Intake System w/Pro 5R Filter Media

aFe Control Lowering Springs

Silver Bullet Throttle Body Spacer

aFe Power Suspension Packages (Various)

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