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“Brookville Steel Lakester Body & Chassis”

The Brookville Steel Lakester style transforms the classic 1932 Roadser, Coupe, or Roadster Pickup by lowering and giving it the perfect stance. All of the Lakester kits include an all steel Brookville Roadster body which has been modified to fit on a Shadow Rods 5″ Kickup with 1″ Sectioned Frame. Completed Roller or Turnkeys are available upon request.

Here you can see the Lakester Body arrived from the US from our friends at Brookville Roadster. This is a special order for one of our customers.

The body comes on its crate directly from the Brookville Roadster factory.

Here the Chassis is prepared and epoxy primed from our Cruisin Automotive spray booth onsite at our garage in Malaga.

And now the body is prepared and readied for the primer.

This is what the body looks like after being epoxy primed.

The end result is stunning. What a look and finish. The car is a turn key which will be built in-house at our garage.

Like this product? Fill out our contact form with your questions or phone (08) 9248 9958 | M: 0417 911 702. Email here. Visit our Showroom at 2/308 Victoria Road in Malaga. We ship Australia wide at competitive rates. License Repairer # MRB88085.


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