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Dez Art | Dez Smith

Cruisin Automotive is getting artsy and is proud to be selling prints from Perth Artist Dez Smith.

Dez has spent 30 years in advertising as an illustrator, designer and art director, carrying this experience across into his fine art. He has exhibited successful solo exhibitions at the Burswood Hotel, Lyndon Gallery, Houghton Wines and at the Blue Duck, receiving may awards for his work.

We love Dez’s impression of the typical Australian art car and his much cherished ‘Bluey’.

Bluey’s Muscle Car. In 1971 Ford release the XY GTHO Phase 3 a true muscle car. The Phase 3 was Australia’s fastest four door production car, with a top speed of 141 mph (227 km/h) and dominated Bathurst that year.

About the same time Daddy Cool filled the airways with “Eagle Rock” and Cat Stevens gave us “Father and Son”. Such films as PattonRyan’s Daughter, and Soldier Blue screened in our cinemas and Drive-ins. Bluey is so proud of this car and is constantly boasting to these bloody galahs of how fast she flew down the highway.

Come down to Cruisin Automotive and pick up a print from the Dez Art Gallery. You can also contact Dez Art on 0433 008 301. E: