Dynacorn Projects

All of these cars have had Dyancorn International panels professionally attached to them. Dynacorn are a leading manufacturer of classic and muscle car restoration panels and sheet metal products. Cruisin Automotive is the only West Australian Dynacorn dealer and the only one of two in Australia. The first car is a:

“1957 Chev”

This car was in for a boot floor replacement. You can see from the pictures the handy work of someone, (definitely not the present owner) pot riveting a wheel well into the boot section.

This has all been removed and replaced with a new Dynacorn floor section. Once the floor was removed rust was found in other sections of the car so this was removed and replaced with new panels and completed. A new fuel tank will be installed replacing the modified tank which was in the car previously. All parts supplied by Dynacorn including the fuel tank.

Great care is taken to protect the entire car while it is in our workshop.

“1957 Chevrolet”

This is the old car floor pan removed.

These pans allow easy replacement of the full floor on each side with a minimum of fuss.

With most of the rust repairs now completed. The Dyancorn floor panels are in place and have been spot welded.

“1967 Pontiac GTO”

In the future this 1967 Pontiac GTO’s body will be restored back to the original.

Cruisin Automotive is the only West Australian Dynacorn dealer and the only one of two in Australia.

Dynacorn panels easily affix to the side of the existing car body.

Dynacorn provide quality sheet metal, bright trim and molding for restorations.

This panel is the trunk filler panel. This will replace the old rusty, damaged panel.

Our Inverter Spot Welding System. The Spot welder reproduces the original installation by the factory of the new Dynacorn panels onto the car. Once the panels have all been welded into place it will look like it was done in the factory.

Our expert tradesperson is welding the Spot welder, carrying out the correct installation methods.

Dynacorn also provide full floor sections. Here is the new panel we installed in our workshop.

This roof panel will replace the existing roof on the car.