E-Stopp Australia

“E-Stopp Emergency Brake”

Cruisin Automotive are the authorised Australian distributor that supplies and installs E-Stopp Australia.

E-Stopp is a push-button electric emergency brake that not only frees up room on the chassis and in the cab; it also doubles as an anti-theft device when the button is hidden. It works with any kind of brake system that can accept an e-brake cable and can mount anywhere on the chassis that you have room.

Micro-Computer Controlled: The system is controlled by a microcomputer that regulates the amount of pull. The E-Stopp will only pull up to 600 pounds before it locks down on itself.

The button has a detachable head for easy install and features both visual and audible recognition. Also included is a patented ignition safety feature that renders the brake inoperable while the ignition is on.

Anti-Theft: The E-Stopp can be used as a theft deterrent by either hiding the button under the dash or in the glove compartment or by installing a kill switch. Basically, if someone doesn’t know how to unlock your rear end, they will have a difficult time stealing your vehicle.

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