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“Custom Mounting Bracket”

Cruisin Automotive are the only authorised WA dealer that supplies and installs E-Stopp Australia. We ship Australia wide and are guaranteed the cheapest.

The emergency brake junction bracket makes the installation of brake cables easy. If you don’t want to deal with your existing frame brackets or if they have been removed this junction bracket replaces existing frame brackets and brings cables to one central location.

You can DIY or talk to us about installing it in your car.

Product details:

  • 0 gauge steel (0.132″ thick)
  • 7-3/8″ long
  • 2-1/2″ wide on double side
  • 1-5/8″ wide on single side
  • 1/2″ i/d holes for cables
  • 1/4″ i/d mounting holes
  • Bolt pattern is 6″ center to center on length
  • Bolt pattern is 1-/7/16″ center to center on wide end
  • Bolt pattern is 1-1/4″ center to center on narrow end

For details on purchasing the E-Stopp Electronic Emergency Brake click here.

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