Ididit Columns

“Ididit Columns”

CRUISIN AUTOMOTIVE are exclusive dealers for Ididit in Western Australia.

We have an exciting new product from IDIDIT at Cruisin Automotive. Check out these Right Hand Drive collapsible steering columns. They are both collapsible and they tilt. Ididit is an American based brand but these columns were sent to Australia for approval so they would comply with Australian standards.

The shifter mechanism allows you to have it so it is away from the floor shift. This is perfect for use with a Street Rod Bench Seat allowing for a clearer floor area without the floor shifter.

Columns are available in different lengths and come in a choice of Chrome, Black Powder Coated or Raw Steel. Features include turn signal indicators, tilt leaver and a four-way hazard button.

The Ididit Steering Column is perfect for almost any PRE ’1969 Vehicle, and Ididit actually engineer all the products themselves. Cruisin Automotive currently has this product in stock. Call Ian now on 0417 911 702 to get yours today.