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“Chassis Components”

Johnson’s designed and engineered parts for virtually every area of your hot rod. They have developed experience from years of building award-winning custom hot rods.

Check out the following products,

  • Brakes

The look of the original Kinmont Safe Stop brakes is prized by hot rodder’s everywhere. What’s often forgotten is that they are terrible at stopping a car.

Over the past two years, Johnson’s have worked to design and manufacture a brake set with those same great looks that actually has stopping power. They took the original one step further, the result was JHRS Kinmont “Safety Stop” Brakes. They combine the vintage look of the original Kinmont Safety Stop disc brakes with the stopping power of modern disc brakes. They also include internal features that make them easy to bleed and maintenance-free.

  • Front Suspension/Parts

The modern vintage styled Hot Rod Hole Shot rear ladder bars from Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop evolve the age-old design of rear radius rods to perfection. There ladder bars firmly locate the rear end housing of your hot rod while achieving a smoother ride and better traction under hard acceleration. The bars have been engineered for use on either a transverse Model A buggy spring or coil over rear suspension.

  • Accessories

From 1932 Ford Taillight Kits and Individual Parts to fuel cap assembly, clutch pedals and steering wheels. Johnson’s accessories allow you to add lasting beauty to your ride from headlight bars to taillights and almost everywhere in between.

Cruisin Automotive stocks both front and rear ladder bars in our Malaga workshop.

Photos of the rear ladder bars.

Photo of the front ladder bar.

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