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Halibrand Sprint Wheel 15×8 – 5×4.75 4.25 BS – Anthracite Machined Lip Semi Gloss


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Perfect for a vintage, period-correct look on Gassers, Hot Rods, Dragsters, Street Rods and other vehicles.

Nothing says nostalgia like a genuine set of Halibrands. The Sprint series of wheels was the core of the Halibrand line for decades and was the go-to wheel for classic hot rods, gassers, dragsters and other vehicles wanting the best possible rolling stock.

In stock and available to fit most classic vehicles, these 15″ wheels are available in several widths from 4.5″ to 10″ wide with most common backspacing options. Choose from Anthracite finish with a machined lip or a fully polished, uncoated finish.

Halibrand, The Original Mag Wheel Company, Proudly Reintroduces the Iconic Sprint Series Wheels
Choose from the Following Sizes and Backspacing (BS) Options: 15×4.5 (BS 2.13”), 15×5.5 (BS 3.0”), 15×6 (BS 3.13, 3.75”), 15×7 (BS 4.25”), 15×8 (BS 4.25”), 15×9 (BS 4.25), and 15×10 (BS 4.25”)
15×8, 15×9 and 15×10 Feature Deep-Dish Styling with Curved Spokes – for Improved Appearance and Classic Style
Available in 5×4.5 and 5×4.75 Bolt Patterns to Fit popular vehicles
Choose from Classic Full Polished Finish or Anthracite Finish with a Machined Lip
The Classic Full Polished Wheels Feature a Fully Machine Polished Front Side and As-cast /Machined Backside
The Anthracite Finish is Reminicient of a Seasoned Magnesium Wheel
A356-T6 Aluminum Construction with Flow-Formed Wheel Manufacturing Process – Produces Wheels that are Lighter, Stronger, and Have a Higher Shock Resistance (than Standard Cast Aluminum Wheels)
Use with MAG / Shank Style Lug Nuts and Washers

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