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Push Button Start with Passive Keyless Entry


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Passive Keyless Entry and Keyless Start are a power-packed combination. Specifically with Passive Keyless Entry, your vehicle detects your keytag as you approach and automatically unlocks your doors and flashes the lights.

Once you’re inside the vehicle, the Keyless Start works the same way they do on high-end luxury cars. You just put your foot on the brake, press the Push to Start button and your engine roars to life.

  • Push to Start Button.
  • Passive Keyless Entry Proximity Based.
  • Walk-Away Lock.
  • Illuminated Entry and Exit.

It is secure. Today’s car thieves can capture the signal between your device and your car and use it to electronically unlock and start your vehicle when you’re not there. So this is referred to as a Relay Attack or Remote Replay. This vulnerability is common in aftermarket or OEM systems. This kit provides protection beyond even the latest OEM systems by implementing advanced encryption technology to prevent Relay Attacks and Remote Replay.

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