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Speed Signal Interface


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Speed Signal Interface (Converts VSS/ECM speed signals to either 8k or 16k PPM).

The SN74Z has the following features when used as a Speedometer interface:

Input Source Options

Three wire pulse signal generator input source Built-in Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) input source. Most Tremec transmissions. Later model 700R4’s. Typically a sine wave signal. Two wire pulse signal generator input source Classic Instruments SN96 or SN95. Typically a sine wave signal. One wire ECM signals input source. Typically a 5 volt square wave.


The output can be selectable between either 8000 pulse per mile or 16000 pulse per mile. Outputs a 12V square wave, 50% duty cycle 8000 pulse per mile cruise control output.

Additional Benefits

Three different calibration options. Instant: drive 30 MPH and press the calibration button. Real-Time: press and the hold the calibration button to match the speedometer reading to the actual vehicle speed. Marked Mile: Drive a measured mile to calibrate the speedometer. Input signal can range from 2000-200,000 pulses per mile. State of the art signal averaging software that ensures smooth pointer operation, even in fluctuating signal conditions. Noise-reducing, filtered power output for powered speedometer signal generators.

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