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“1957 Blue Chevy”

At Cruisin Automotive we can convert your car from left to right-hand-drive conversion. Check out the conversion currently taking place on this 1957 Blue Chevy.

Please note we are showing the most recent photos first. If you are new to this page scroll to the bottom and go from there.

Steering wheel and seats have now been placed back in.

The car has now been elevated in our other garage so work can begin on brake line fabrication.

Here the right-hand drive is complete and ready to be installed back into the car.

Motor and gearbox are back in the car. The firewall has been completed and painted in black gloss. Vintage Air is being installed brackets and compressor are mounted on the motor. The car has been converted to power rack and pinion steering (Flaming River) new power steering pump mounted. We will be installing the condenser for the air conditioner on the front with the electric radiator thermo fan. The original clutch driven fan has been removed and a Spal 16″ thermo fan installed.

These are fabricated right-hand drive handbrake brackets. The handbrake bracket position is now in the correct place and will work the same as previous.

Fabrication on the right hand drive conversion. The dash is starting to take shape we have rolled a new lower dash section and fitting it to the car and welded on the end pieces of the original dash.

Elements of the left hand side of the dash are now being put into place including the car’s Quartz black face clock and the vents for the Vintage Air system during the conversion. We decided to fit all the Vintage Air louvers into the dash to give it the factory look. Here you will see below the dash cluster in place and we will now carry out the final welding and filing. The dash will be painted in our on-site full downdraft paint booth.

Do you need to convert your car from left-hand drive to right-hand drive? The price of a conversion usually depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Give us a ring at Cruisin Automotive on (08) 9248 9958 for further details.

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