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“Fuel Tank Restoration”

This 1968 Monaro has been stored in a shed since 2002.

We were asked to resurrect it for the road. We restored all brakes including the master cylinder booster, new discs, calipers and brake shoes. The fuel tank was found to have bad rust and holes in it. This pages shows the full restoration of the 25gal Bathurst Fuel Tank.

The fuel tank was removed from the car and the outside was cleaned up.

The fuel tank was split to get access to both haves of the tank. Before splitting it we treated the inside of the tank with a chemical from Liquid Intelligence. This chemical eats all of the rust away from the tank but does not corrode the surface.

This photo shows the rust being scraped off after the chemical treatment.

All the rust was scraped off and the tank was sandblasted inside and out. The sandblasting shows the thinness and the baffle had broken off.

This is the baffle which was loose in the tank.

This is the repair at the top of the tank. There were holes and the rusty piece was cut out, replaced and then fully welded.

This shows the bottom of the tank repaired. The bottom of the tank was removed, a new section was fabricated and then tack welded in place and then fully welded. The welds were ground down and metal finished on the outside.

This shows the baffle being repaired and welded into the tank.

This is the fuel tank completely repaired. Coated on the inside with KBS Gold Standard Fuel Tank Sealer. The outside has been painted with a primer and a zinc coating to mimic the original finish.

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